Demand for MSC cruises to Middle East

Demand for MSC cruises to Middle East

Two of the most popular cruise destinations are the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, which is why the big cruise ship companies compete with each other to offer the better deal. However, an unlikely destination has been increasing in popularity. This is because a recent study has found that demand for MSC cruises to the Middle East has increased, and more itineraries have had to be added.

Interest in cruises to the Untied Arab Emirates, which includes Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat and others have increased by 305 per cent since 2013 in terms of the traffic for MSC pages for those regions, and there seems to be no sign of a slow down. One of the reasons has to be the huge growth taking place in the area, and the powers that be in those countries have been investing heavily to cater for more holiday-makers.

Another reason why people are starting to choose the Middle East as a cruise destination is how the Gulf Cooperation Council member countries came up with an agreement that allows people to travel to different ports in various countries under a multiple-entry visa.

With the Middle East becoming more popular, this makes it even easier for you and I looking for some winter sun, which is just what people in the UK will soon be doing.

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