All-inclusive Disney cruise packages from the UK

All-inclusive Disney cruise packages from the UK

Most cruses are on a full board basis, which means all of your meals are included, but when it comes to beverages, you have to pay for most of them. However, if you do some searching there are ways to get an all-inclusive cruise during a special promotion. Royal Caribbean already has such a promotion, and now there are some all-inclusive Disney cruise packages for people who travel from the UK.

Disney is all about the magic, and you don’t get anything more magical than enjoying a few drinks during a cruise, only to find that you do not have to pay for them at the end of your vacation.

What’s included – You get full board dining, 24-hour room service free of charge, unlimited snacks, tea, coffee and soft drinks. We do have an issue with these so-called all-inclusive Disney cruises, as it seems as though you still have to pay for alcoholic beverages, which is a bit misleading.

Having said that, if you do not drink alcohol, then this is a non-issue, but Disney needs to make certain they state this on their homepage rather than promoting such an offer.

Just so you know, this offer applies to many cruises for UK travelers flying to Copenhagen, Barcelona, Miami and Orlando.

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