Norwegian Escape itinerary eagerness after Keel laying ceremony

Norwegian Escape itinerary excitement with Keel laying ceremony

The Norwegian Escape Keel laying ceremony took place a few days ago, and as a result has now given people a renewed interest in looking at what itineraries are available for this new Norwegian Cruise Line ship once she enters service in October 2015.

The first of 86 blocks was laid down with a lucky coin being placed beneath this 400-ton block. This is a tradition that has gone on for yeas, and happens each time a new cruise ship has her Keel laid.

Norwegian Escape itinerary eagerness – With the Norwegian Escape progress now set to start ramping up because of hitting this milestone, we suspect that there has now been more people looking to see what the inaugural cruises are for this new ship, and how much they are likely to cost.

Norwegian Escape itinerary excitement

This information is available on Norwegian’s official page for their new ship, the Escape, which is the first Breakaway-Plus class vessel. While the choice may not be extensive at this time, you still have the option to sail to the Caribbean from Miami, although if you would rather cruise on her maiden voyage, then that will be from Southampton to Miami, Florida, US.

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