New Holland America Koningsdam cruise itinerary excitement

New Holland America Koningsdam cruise itinerary excitement

Holland America Line has finally named its new cruise ship, which is to be called ms Koningsdam. For those who have trouble pronouncing it, you have to say it like KOH-ningsdam. It is clear to see that its name is to celebrate the deep routes that the company has with the Netherlands.

With the new Holland America ship now getting its name it is no wonder people have started to get even more excited about the Koningsdam cruise itinerary, which begins in February 2016, although it does seems like a lifetime to wait.

However, you cannot rush perfection because the new cruise ship will be an all-new design for Holland America Line, and will be a medium size ship coming in at 99,500 gross tons, so no chance of her ever getting into the waters in Venice.

She will be able to carry 2,650 guests along with 1,025 crewmembers, which is a pretty good ratio. The increased size of the ship over other Holland America cruise ships means that there are better opportunities for innovative features, more public spaces and also venues to keep passengers occupied while at sea.

The new Holland America Koningsdam cruise itinerary has yet to be announced, but we know for certain that those of you who plan to sail on the inaugural cruise are certainly getting exacted at the prospect of booking.

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