Sea Princess cancellation causes divide, even after refund

Sea Princess cancellation causes divide, even after refund

There has been a divided opinion in regards to the Sea Princess cancellation, even though affected passengers were given a full refund. Things have not been going too well for this ill-fated ship seeing as though it recently developed several technical problems, and now what is said to be an outbreak of the Noro Virus.

Passengers finally disembarked the ship yesterday, and those who had expected to join the Sea Princess ready for its voyage to Brisbane were told the cruise was cancelled. We can understand why people would feel upset, but certain things are out of control of such cruise ship companies.

It is not only passengers unhappy who had their Sea Princess cruise cancelled at the last minute unhappy, but so are those who were on the ship during the previous issues, even though they were given a 50 per cent refund. Going back to those who had their entire cruise cancelled last night, they will also recieve 100 per cent on a future cruise.

A majorty of passengers who were on the ship had nothing but praise for the crew on Sea Princess, saying that they handled the issues in a professional way, and as a result issued an extensive hygiene program, which was put into action fast. All the main areas were disinfected, and those who were infected were quarantined to their rooms for 48 hours. The problems occurred when those passengers did not listen to advice and still came out of their rooms, spoiling things for other passengers.

Many people were even complaining about having to wash their hands for 20 seconds, which just shows their ignorance. However, we can also understand why people are not happy with Princess Cruises seeing as though this seems to be a regular occurrence.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Thanks to Perth Now.

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