US Open Tennis streamed live to Norwegian cruise deck

US Open Tennis streamed live to Norwegian cruise deck

If you were on a cruise during the World Cup, then many of you were lucky that some ships offered live coverage of the sporting event. Cruising at certain times of the year because they do not wish to miss the football, cricket, tennis or any other sport, often puts off cruisers and sports fans.

Thankfully, Norwegian Cruise Line still has its partnership with SPORT 24 and so this mean that the US Open Tennis will be streamed live to the cruise deck, along with sports bars.

We mentioned the 2014 US Open Tennis because this is the next major sporting event, which begins on August 25th and ends on September. Novak Djokovic has been seeded number one and Roger Federer is the No. 2 seed. Andy Murray fans will not be shocked to learn that he has been seeded 8th due to his bad form because of his fitness.

For those who do not enjoy tennis, then you can always choose to watch other sports, although there isn’t much going on between those dates, well apart from the Premiership and the Italian grand Prix.

If you have been contemplating a Norwegian cruise but have yet to make up your mind, then we hope that these photos will help you.

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