MSC Splendida wine routes tasting cruises

MSC Splendida wine routes tasting cruises

While a majority of people prefer to dine in the buffet during an MSC cruise because of it being less formal, there are those who enjoy sitting down and having your food brought to you by waiters, and enjoying a lovely glass or two of wine.

With a huge choice of food available to you on the menu in MSC Cruises restaurants it is good to know what wine will be best with your meal, and for those who already have a grasp of this skill, then we believe that these MSC Splendida wine routes cruises will be right up your street.

Not being a wine drinker it is hard to understand the fascination with this drink, but many believe that it is a civilized way to enjoy a meal, although when drinking a glass or two and no more.

Countries with warm climates seem to produce some of the best wines and so following the wine routes of the Mediterranean while sailing on the MSC Splendida is not to be missed.

If you have been aiming to hone your skills, then the perfect way to do this is by meeting Masters of Wine on these cruises, and you will even get to taste some, as these are wine tasting cruises as well.

There are two itineraries for this type of cruise, both of which are for seven days. The first takes in the ports of Genoa, Naples, Messina, La Goulette, Barcelona, Marseille, while the other visits Genoa, Civitavecchia, Palermo, La Goulette, Barcelona, and Marseille. More details along with prices can be found on the MSC website.

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