New Shipping Julia episode onboard Allure of the Seas


Shipping Julia episode 1 onboard Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas started just over 2 weeks ago and the second episode appeared online exactly 7 days later on the 10th of August. We haven’t featured any of these videos before for our readers, so you can find all three episodes below along with the latest that arrived on YouTube just 2 days ago.

The popularity of Shipping Julia is seen within the 233,000 views currently for episode 1, and similar high viewing numbers for the other episodes released so far. The series follows Julia, and her family as they take a cruise vacation together onboard Allure of the Seas.

Some people feel the acting is bad and for that reason couldn’t take it seriously, although other viewers have said the series is making them want to take a cruise on the very ship featured.

What we love about the series is the fact it’s short and reveals different areas of the ship close up. This means you can watch Shipping Julia in a short space of time, but also get to see things like the FlowRider and Surfing Wipeouts.

Have you enjoyed watching the Shipping Julia web series and of course taking a closer look at the Allure of the Seas cruise ship? You can expect to see Shipping Julia episode 4 release on the 24th of August.

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