Best Royal Caribbean cruise ship burgers

Best Royal Caribbean cruise ship burgers includes

We have said it on so many occasions and we will say it again, when you tell people that you have booked a cruise they reply by saying that all you will do is eat and put weight on. This is true to a point because eating while on a cruise ship you do eat far more than at home, but there is also so much more to do, and you can also choose to exercise to try and counter the extra food intake.

With so much food choice it is often tough to know what to eat, although one of the most popular food items is the burger and they don’t have to be plain and boring like you often see from fast-food chains. While checking out the Royal Caribbean Blog they have been looking at the best Royal Caribbean cruise ship burgers, one of which will not be served up until Quantum of the Seas begins her itineraries.

They have narrowed the burgers down to 8, which is pretty good considering the huge choice available on RCI cruise ships. The one that we mentioned above is Jamie’s Italian and will appear on the Quantum of the Seas menu, although this one does already feature in his restaurants across the UK. What makes this so special is the use of higher quality beef and garnishes that you are used to seeing in Italy.

It’s hard to know which is the best Royal Caribbean burger, and so we ask that you make your choice out of the list provided on the blog that we have linked to above.

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