Crystal Serenity gains Titanic 2 uncalled-for fears


It is no secret that the Arctic sea ice is shrinking, but should this mean cruise liners can take advantage and send more ships sailing the Northwest Passage? The Crystal Serenity has already made that choice, and in August 2016 you’ll be able to take a cruise on this luxury ship sailing from Alaska to Greenland through the Northwest Passage.

The Crystal Serenity can cater for around 1,000 passengers and features a library, casino, and more over 14 decks. The ship will sail a 32-day cruise starting in Seward, Alaska, then arriving in Greenland after a few ports of call before sailing on to New York City.

Will cruisers want to take this trip? That question has already been answered by the bookings, which we hear have already seen 90 percent of tickets sold with a price ranging from $20,000 to well over $100,000.

Thanks to the ship taking the Northwest Passage, it has led to a number of tweets and social media comments about this leading to Titanic all over again. One commenter said, “Crystal Serenity could be Titanic 2”. Another added, “Are we going to see Titanic 2, not the Clive Palmer ship, but Crystal Serenity taking the Northwest Passage”.

Personally, we feel these fears are a little crazy considering modern technology onboard cruise ships like Crystal Serenity. This still hasn’t stopped some people bringing up Titanic, as you can see in the tweet below that also links to the original report by CBC news. The report even highlights how “unpredictable” the Arctic can be, although those behind this cruise trip have spent a couple of years planning it and even admit this is a “challenging region”.

Would you take this cruise and if you have already booked, how excited are you? Read the full report through the tweet above, or you can take a virtual Crystal Serenity ship tour on the official website. Back in June, we highlighted the progress of the Clive Palmer Titanic 2 ship after two years had passed.

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  • Douglas Pohl

    LOL “It is no secret that the Arctic sea ice is shrinking” then WHY are 14 vessels in the Arctic stopped by sea ice this 2014 season? WITHOUT ICEBREAKER SERVICE taking a 1000 passengers through the Arctic is in fact a very poor decision and will henceforth be termed TITANIC2. Get real – you DO NOT TAKE RISKS with 1000 persons – OMG!

    • Shiplife

      They’ve hired an ice breaker to go in front of the ship. .. they can afford it being the most luxurious cruise line in the world.

  • Douglas Pohl

    ICE CLASS – without it your navigation limits are void – no insurance – so who did you pay off to look the other way? Lets have some transparency – I’m afraid it is going to hurt.. OUCH!