Costa Concordia documentary by National Geographic


There’s going to be a Costa Concordia documentary by National Geographic that focuses on the raising of this cruise ship. Before this one-off documentary was confirmed, we had seen a few tweets from those wondering when such a special would take place from the likes of National Geographic, as seen in the tweet below.

Today, we saw confirmation by National Geographic for “The Raising of the Costa Concordia”. Windfall Films has been following the recovery of Costa Concordia and this project has been in the making for the past two years.

The result is a one-hour special, which will take a close look at the recovery that most people know pretty well after all the media attention it received. The special will include CGI animation, video footage during the salvage of Costa Concordia, the re-float, and a detailed look at innovations that made the recovery possible.

National Geographic hasn’t set an exact air date for the Costa Concordia documentary, although we know it’s coming in August. Before the project received a greenlight, there was some debate thanks to this being a very delicate matter.

You can read the full report through the tweet above, or look at another tweet below that features a smaller video documentary with a 3D animation of the refloat.

Will you be watching The Raising of the Costa Concordia on National Geographic this month?

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