Norwegian Cruise Line photos encourage bookings


Norwegian Cruise Line wouldn’t be the only cruise brand hitting their followers will photos everyday to encourage bookings, although the fact is this sort of marketing works very well.

The likes of Royal Caribbean’s Facebook page has over 2 million fans and Norwegian Cruise Line has almost a million. With this type of following missing cruising and thinking about their next cruise, you can imagine what a few photos could do?

We’ve included some of the latest NCL Twitter photos shared to give you an idea of how enticing they can be, so take a look below to see how appealing some of these photos and messages are.

The idea of spending time with family is very appealing to those of you working hard and not getting enough family time, or seeing those amazing cupcakes will bring back memories for some of you. The bottom-line is there’s nothing like relaxing, having fun, and seeing those amazing views at the end of the day and cruise companies know it.

Do you love seeing the Norwegian Cruise Line photos on Twitter and Facebook? Have you booked a cruise after seeing one of these updates?

This is what one Cruise Ship News reader had to say this week, “I’ve just booked a cruise after seeing a photo that reminded me of the fun we had last year, I just miss it so much and while I couldn’t really afford it I booked and have something to work hard for now”. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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