MSC Cruises tour with Magnifica in Southampton


Your friends and family can take an MSC Cruises tour with Magnifica in Southampton thanks to a contest taking place with Cruise Critic. This is the ideal time for you to introduce family to cruising, and if you love taking a cruise then we’re sure you’ve tried to convince certain family.

The Cruise Critic and MSC Cruises partnership allows 7 lucky people or couples to visit MSC Magnifica in Southampton on October 1st 2014. This ship visit will be one of a number of visits that took place during 2014, although in most cases these are saved for press and this makes the perfect opportunity for the general public to introduce others to cruise ships.

During your visit you’ll get to see the MSC Magnifica main dining room and have a 7-course lunch, see a cooking demonstration, and get a full tour of the ship. You can learn more about this final MSC ship tour for 2014 via the Cruise Critic article.

We’ve also embedded a cruisers video below this article, which features the Chef onboard MSC Magnifica making some fresh Pizza.

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