Azura reviews incoming after 2014 P&O cruise to Canaries


Cruise Ship News hadn’t been on P&O’s Azura in a couple of years, so we made 2014 the year to change that and took a cruise on Azura to the Canary Islands. We wanted to take another look to see how things have changed and if our Azura cruise review would reveal an experience as good as before, or even better.

Over the coming days we’ll publish a number of Azura reviews focusing on different areas of the ship, so if this cruise ship is one you haven’t been on, then keep an eye on our Facebook or Google Plus pages over the coming days.

You can see some photos below for now from around the Azura cruise ship. This is a quick taste of what to expect from the ship, and of course those of you that have been onboard might remember some of these areas and a great time you had.








If you’ve been onboard P&O’s Azura, then share what you love most about her in the comments. We’ll be sharing reviews of deck entertainment, paid-for and free restaurants, excursions during our time in the Canary Islands with P&O, and of course the ship layout along with other things. Check back soon for our full review.

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