Antigua with Disney Cruise Line


Cruise Ship News has visited Shirley Heights in Antigua, as you can see by the photo we took above, and it’s hard not to understate what a beautiful view you’ll get at this point in the Caribbean. Disney Cruise Line know this as well, and that’s why they featured a photo of this point as well within their “Visiting Antigua with Disney Cruise Line” article yesterday.

Disney Cruises offered up some suggestions on what to do in Antigua during their 7-night Southern Caribbean cruises for fall 2014. You can see the mentioned tweet below, and also follow the link to learn what Disney suggest you should do during this Caribbean cruise.

The article lists some Port Adventures cruisers can take with Disney Cruise Line. These excursions obviously include Shirley Heights and also the likes of Nelson’s Dockyard, hiking tours and popular beaches, and a Catamaran along with lobster lunch. We’ve been lucky enough to do all of the said excursions in this paragraph, so we’d certainly recommended at least Shirley Heights and the Catamaran trips.

Would you visit Antigua with Disney Cruise Line? If you haven’t been to Shirley Heights yet, then you really have to at some point and we’ve personally been there with another cruise line and highly recommend it?

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