Fred Olsen Poison, Murder & Mystery Cruise winner bonus

Fred Olsen Poison, Murder & Mystery Cruise winner bonus

Even though there is still 11 months to go until the Fred Olsen Poison, Murder & Mystery cruise, you should consider booking before the end of August in order to benefit from free door-to-door travel, as well as £150 of on board spending per person.

However, that isn’t the best part because if you manage to solve the Poison, Murder & Mystery, then there is a bonus in it for you, as you will win a World Cruise for two.

If you have ever been to a murder and mystery weekend and felt it needed that something extra to add to the suspense, then doing it while on a cruise will certainly do that.

Both Mr Fred. Olsen Senior and the Duchess of Northumberland have thought up this idea and while we know the latter will be on Boudicca for the special cruise, there is hope that Mr Olsen Senior will also join in the fun.

We would live to advise you that this cruise is for 18-year olds only and above, and to become part of the mystery cruise you can register for the character you wish to play here.

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