New Princess Cruises ship to rival Carnival Vista

New Princess Cruises ship to rival Carnival Vista

The likes of Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line has been on a big push to expand their fleets by ordering new ships, with the former already having two new ships almost near completion, and a third to follow. However, Princess Cruises has been left behind because they never had any new ships on the horizon.

Ok, so we know that the Royal and Regal Princess are relatively new, but there is now a new Princess Cruises ship on the way. She has no doubt been ordered to rival the Carnival Vista seeing as though she is set to enter service in late 2016, with the third Royal-class cruise ship being delivered in 2017.

We would assume that Princess Cruises will make a few design changes compared to the Royal and Regal, as they need to compete with ships like Vista, which is going to come with a whole new way of thinking in terms of its design.

There is also Quantum and Anthem of the Seas, as these both have cutting edge designs to make them stand out against rival cruise ships.

The name of the new Princes Cruises ship is not yet known, and we doubt we will learn this until next year. We can tell you that it will be a 143,000-ton vessel and will be able to carry up to 3,560 passengers. For more details visit Princess Cruises Press page.

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  • Clayton W. Brooks

    You do realize Carnival owns Princess so it really is not a rival?

    • Peter

      General Motors owns Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, and they are all considered rivals of each other, as they are still separate entities of the corporate umbrella.

  • Jagman

    Big is NOT beautiful, 3500 absolute maximum passengers