Trio of Celebrity Cruises spa treatments

Quintuple of Celebrity Cruises spa treatments

You can’t beat a good massage when at home, but these are made even better while on a cruise. If you are on a cruise ship and you know you have a few sea days before you get to the first port, then you really need to book yourself a spa treatment, and the Canyon Ranch Spa at Sea from Celebrity Cruises is one of the best, and one of our colleagues has personal experience of this.

We have come across a trio of Celebrity Cruises spa treatments, which are said to be the best the company has to offer, and so we would like for you to take a look to see if you would agree.

First up there is the Vitamin Infusion facial
, which is a, 80-minute session that is aimed at bringing your skin back to life. A bunch of enriching vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants are used to achieve this, and we are told that once the treatment has finished your skin will be soft and have a glow to it.

Our personal favorite is the Tension Zone Massage as this concentrates on the shoulder and neck, which is the place where tension seems to build up the most. If you do have a Celebrity cruise booked, then why not take the opportunity to have one of these massages while on board, as you will feel the tension floating away in no time at all thanks to variety of techniques that helps to relieve pressure.

Finally, we have the Environ Ultimate Vitamin Therapy, which has been added to the list of Celebrity Cruises Luxurious Canyon Ranch Spa Treatments to help people with certain skin conditions. Specialists will be on hand to bring the natural nutrients out to help make your skin not only look, but also feel healthy as well.

We hope that you like these three treatments, but we would love to know which treatments you have enjoyed while on a Celebrity cruise?

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