Crystal Serenity highlights, and adds to environmental impact

Crystal Serenity highlights and adds to environmental impact

Environmentalists will tell you that the cruise industry has had a huge impact on the environment over the years, and while the inclusion of scrubbers and other such measures have made a vast difference in the amount of pollution cruise ships produce, they still produce almost the same amount of air pollution as 12,000 cars, although this figure has been claimed to be much higher.

It is for this very reason why we find the new Crystal Serenity Northwest Passage cruise a bit of a strange one because while it highlights the environmental impact man has made, it also adds to it as well.

Such a trip would not have been possible before, but now passengers will be able to sail through the melted Northwest Passage and get to see some amazing sights, including some of the endangered wildlife, such as polar bears.

The new Crystal Cruises itinerary is a month long and will no doubt cause a great deal of damage to the environment when compared to flying to the nearest point and then taking other modes of transport to see the same thing. Having said that, if you then multiplied that by the number of passengers on a ship, would it really be that bad?

Full details of this cruise can be found on the Crystal Cruises websites, but we can tell you that the cruise will depart on August 16, 2016, so plenty of time to save up. Prices start at $19,755 to $44,010, although there is a saving of $3,000 if you book early enough.

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