Norwegian NEXT program increases beverage menus

Norwegian NEXT program increases beverage menus

All the major cruise lines work hard at creating a drinks menu to help them stand out against one another, and Norwegian Cruise Line has upped the ante and has now improved its NEXT program and as such has increased its beverage menus.

A few days ago it was announced that Norwegian had expanded on its current partnership with mixologist Gabriel Orta, which currently works for Bar Lab Cocktails to come up with some new and exciting cocktail menus.

Both the Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Getaway already make use of an extensive beverage program and as such have now paved the way for new enhancements to other ships in the fleet.

Bar Lab has already created five new cocktails for Norwegian with a focus on regional ingredients and spirits from the countries the ships visit. This is a good idea because you could be visiting certain ports and have a cocktail that will be very different the next time you cruise with Norwegian, as it will be itinerary based.

Orta is to start visiting certain chips in the Norwegian fleet and then start to consult with staff that works in the many bars on each ship. There will be onboard training sessions to get staff up to speed, and will also be a great opportunity to these workers to brush up on their skills. Head over to the Norwegian Cruise Line website for more details.

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