MSC Cruises improves cruising for infants

MSC Cruises improves cruising for infants

Most cruise ships are family friendly because these companies know how important it is to offer a range of services for those with young children and babies. This is one of the reasons why MSC Cruises have decided to improve the cruising experience for infants.

MSC Cruises will now start to offer childcare equipment as well as toys to families who are travelling with babies. This will not be the case for all ships, just selected ones, where they will come with dedicated play areas for infants, although these have yet to be built.

Chicco is a well-known baby care manufacturer in Italy, and are the ones being called upon by MSC, and the main focus of this partnership is the well-being of babies. Having said that, a happy baby is a happy mother and father, so it is more like the well-being of the entire family while enjoying a cruise.

These new facilities will take the pressure of parents, and so will take care of handling tough schedules, such as changing the baby, feeding and even nap times. This is a great idea because we know how tough it can be remembering such schedules while away from the home.

Cruise Critic says that once this new service goes live parents will be given a free Baby Globetrotter, which is a printed guide for onboard services for families with infants. However, what we really love the idea of is parents not having to bring strollers on MSC ships, as they will soon supply them for you, along with bottle warmers and even advice on shore excursions tailored for passengers with babies.

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