No Commonwealth Games coverage P&O cabins

No Commonwealth Games live streaming in P&O cabins

With the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony taking place later today and the schedule of events to start from tomorrow, no doubt those of you about to go on a P&O cruise, or already on one will wish to know what sort of coverage there will be.

From what we can make out there seems to be no evidence that there will be Commonwealth Games live streaming in P&O cabins, which is a blow for sports fans, especially as they were able to enjoy watching live coverage of certain World Cup games in their staterooms.

We have looked all over the P&O website and there is nothing in regards to P&O showing any Commonwealth Games coverage, and have also reached out to them, and as yet have yet to hear back.

One of the reasons why we might not get to see any Commonwealth Games live streams on P&O cruise ships is because the service that supplies sports coverage is Sports 24, and we can see on their schedule that the CW Games do not appear on their.

If you are into Formula 1, Tennis, Cricket, or Football, then you are in luck, as all of these and many more sporting events can be seen on P&O ships, such as on the larger outdoor screen, sports bars and also in cabins, but as far as we can tell, you will have to miss out on the Commonwealth Games.

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