2015 Venice cruise ban – Fragility vs. economy

2015 Venice cruise ban - Fragility vs. economy

The whole debate whether giant cruise ships should be banned to enter Venice is about to get a whole lot bigger, as celebrities have now started to become involved. It does make you laugh that certain celebrities believe what they have to say is more important than the likes of you or I. While we may not be experts in this very touchy subject, we do know one thing, an increased 2015 Venice cruise ban would be good in one respect, but bad for another.

Fragility vs. economy – We know that some of the larger ships is not good because of the Fragility of Venice and its buildings, but trying to put an end to these larger ships, and possibly all cruise ships in time will have a knock-on effect.

It is all very well trying to protect these fragile buildings – we do understand that – but if there is an increased ban how long will it be before these residents and business owners begin to complain about the economy in Venice, as that will get even more fragile?

We would love for you to get involved in this debate, and add what you think about celebrities getting involved?

Personally, we feel it is a bit hypocritical. Take Tilda Swinton, who has added her name to the petition to put an end to larger cruise ships entering the canal into Venice. Now forgive us if we are wrong, but she starred in the movie The Beach and we know the state the crew left the beach in after filming had finished in Koh Phi Phi, yet she remained quiet on that topical debate at the time.

She is not alone because so many actors get involved in movies that cause havoc, such as bringing certain cities to a complete standstill so traffic can be re-routed for filming purposes, with little or no regard to the people affected by this.

Celebrates should just stick to their day jobs, unless it is something very serious such as raising millions for worthwhile causes.

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