Titanic 2 fans tweet ship dedication

Titanic 2 fans tweet ship dedication

Even though news on the progress of Titanic 2 may have stalled, that does not mean the public is ready to give up on the dream. There is a strong possibility that the sequel to the great ship may never make it to construction because of certain aspects of Clive Palmer’s political career, although we should not rule it completely out of the question.

While doing the rounds in trying to find new information on the Titanic 2 ship, we came across a variety of tweets from Titanic 2 fans that highlight their dedication – just hope they are in it for the long haul?

The first Titanic 2 tweet from a fan shows us a very funny image of him wearing an old style hat from that era and on the bridge of what looks to be a replica of the original Titanic. He then tweets he is still excited and awaiting its arrival.

The next tweet is a suggestion that Belfast, Cherbourg, NYC, Queenstown, Southampton and Sydney are all waiting for the Titanic 2. However, we have to inform people that she will only be going on the one cruise from Southampton to New York and then head to the UAE to become a floating hotel – if it ever gets built.

In the final tweet above, this has to be the most impressive and really does show true dedication. What you will see in the tweet above is a 3D drawing of the original Titanic, and end with the phrase “bringing back the legend.”

We do hope that Palmer is listening because we are so desperate to see the project start to move forward instead of a snails pace.

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