Carnival cruises reveals BlueIguana Cantina secrets

Carnival cruises reveals BlueIguana Cantina secrets

Visiting the Carnival Cruise Lines YouTube channel often leads to a few good videos, and we have come across a new one of their instructional videos that gives you an idea of how to recreate something truly tasty from their cruise ships.

The latest one reveals secrets from BlueIguana Cantina, and that is a how-to guide of how to make the tortillas. These step-by-step instructions will have you making these delicious food items in no time.

In the video we have Greg Poplewko, who is Carnival’s Director of Product Development, along with Chef Sikman. The running time for the video is just 1:24 and will have you making these tortillas in no time.

Once you get the hang of it, then it is up to you to adapt the fillings you put in them, so you can fill them with beef, chicken or fish, although you could go for a vegetable option.

You also get an idea of how popular this part of the menu is in BlueIguana Cantina, as they have to make thousands on a daily basis to keep passengers happy.

What part of the menu on one of the many Carnival cruise ship restaurants would you like to learn in the next instructional video?

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