P&O Britannia progress and culinary masterclasses

P&O Britannia progress and culinary masterclasses

P&O have been a bit slow in coming forward in terms of keeping us up-to-date with the progress of Britannia. It’s been almost 3 weeks since we were treated to an image of the unfinished Lido deck, although it did give us a pretty good idea of just how large that area will be.

Latest P&O Britannia progress – It was late yesterday when the cruise ship company decided to share another image on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. We can see her in the water, although she is still waiting for her new paint scheme, which is due to start very shortly.

We are also told that it will not be too long before her engines are turned on ready for a series of tests. The Britannia build process is now entering its latter stage, and so we should expect to see more news being released on a regular basis over the next few months.

P&O have also been offering new details on Britannia’s culinary masterclasses. The Cookery Club will be a main feature of Britain and will allow people of all ages to take part in these classes. James Martin, Marco Pierre White, Atul Kochhar and Eric Lanlard have all had some input, along with Charlie Turnbull as well.

Every time one of these celebrity chefs are on the ship they will be holding a series of masterclasses, as well as holding classes during lunch and dinner at the Chef’s table.

For more details on this, then please visit the P&O press page.

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