Costa Concordia refloat progress via live stream

Costa Concordia refloat progress in live stream

We reported last week that the refloating process of the Costa Concordia was to begin this week, and we can tell you that the process has already started. It comes as no surprise that the team behind this salvage operation are very nervous, as they do not know what will happen seeing as though this is an unprecedented operation.

To keep you full apprised of the operation we have a live stream of the Costa Concordia refloat progress for you to view below, although we would like to warn that this is a slow progress, and so you could be sitting watching similar scenes for hours.

The reason for this is because it will be a 6-7 day process before Costa Concordia is completely refloated, and so you will have to keep going back to the live stream. However, we do expect time-lapse videos to start appearing, which we will add to this article once available.

Let’s up hope that the weather holds out and that the ship will not tear apart as she is refloated, as this will no doubt put a huge strain on a ship that has already lost a lot of its structural integrity.

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