Celebrity Silhouette excursions refund or credits expected

Celebrity Silhouette excursions refund or credits expected

With Celebrity Reflection having an issue last week and now this week Celebrity Silhouette having mechanical issues, it is not a good time for the cruise ship company at the moment. Last week they had to issue on-board credit to all the passengers, and now this week there is a possibility of some sort of refund or credit.

Celebrity Silhouette has been experiencing an issue that has seen it unable to reach its normal operating speed, which as a result means they have to limit the time spent in each port in order to make it to the next one in time.

The cruise line has yet to understand what is causing the issue, although they have said there is no safety concern, as the ship still has full maneuverability and there is no issue at all with any of the ships systems.

What concerns us most is that Celebrity does not seem to have any plans to fix the problem, as they have just announced a minor change to Celebrity Silhouette’s itinerary, more details of which can be found on Cruise Critic.

Do you think Celebrity will just keep cutting port times short and will not offer any refund or some free on-board credit?

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  • MX Myloxyloto

    This happens when I put bad gas in my boat too.