Instructions for Costa Diadema christening candidates

Instructions for Costa Diadema christening candidates

As one Costa is soon to be laid to rest another will be ready to replace the hole that has been left in the fleet, although this will not be able to replace the many lives lost in the terrible disaster. The Costa Diadema is due to be christened on November 7, 2014 and as part of the special christening event, the cruise line is allowing a travel agent to do the honours instead.

This will mean for the first time that a travel agent will be chosen to be the godmother of a Costa cruise ship, although we have to look as to the reason why. We always like to look for the positives, but Costa pulling a move like this is surely because they want travel agents to push these cruises as hard as they can over other ships?

Instructions to apply to become a candidate to christen Costa Diadema – From July 18th to September 15th all agents who are partners with Costa Cruises can visit and then insert their agency code. The form is available in various languages.

All candidates are asked to upload their images, as well as answering three questions. Once all the applications have been gathered a committee will gather at Genoa and announce the winner on October 15th.

The winner will be given the special VIP treatment because they will be made to feel like a star, and will be seated close to the Captain of the Costa Diadema. More details will become available on July 18th.

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