2014 AIDA cruises to Israel replaced with Santorini

2014 AIDA cruises to Israel replaced with Santorini

AIDA Cruises has made the obvious decision to cancel all cruises to Ashdod, which is the port in Israel where one of the cruise ships was hit with shrapnel from a rocket. All ships that had intended to visit this port will now go to Santorini instead. This will be a huge blow to the economy around the port of Ashdod, but the safety of passengers come before anything else.

Passengers are to be informed immediately in this change of itinerary, although we are sure they will be very happy to visit the Greek island of Santorini. We are not sure how long this change will stay in effect for, but Cruise Critic does say it will be for the rest of 2014 at least.

It’s worth reminding you that Britain’s Foreign and the US State Department has advised against travel to Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, so please take this warning into consideration.

These AIDA Cruises cancellations will not affect our British readers, as this cruise line is dedicated to the German market, although they are owned by the Carnival Group, which as we know also owns P&O.

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