Costa Concordia refloat date set, July 14th

Costa Concordia refloat date set

The last Costa Concordia progress update we gave you was that the ship was all set to be refloated within a couple of weeks, and we can now tell you that the Costa Concordia refloat date looks set to commence on either July the 13th or 14th.

We have been informed that all sponsons are in position and technicians have started to make finally checks ready for the big day. There are 30 sponsons in all on both sides of the ship, which will be slowly emptied once the refloating process begins.

You can see illustrations of how this operation works here, which goes through the complete process. It’s very insightful and gives you an idea of just how big of a challenge this is.

If all goes to plan, the wreck of the Concordia will have a draft of 18.5 meters.

There is not much more information on how the ship will get to Genoa, and although our image above shows the wreck being transported on a large transportation ship, it is more likely she will be kept afloat by the sponsons and be towed to her new resting place ready to be dismantled.

Below you will see an eerie video of the Costa Concordia following a recent dive.

Update: The refloat date has now been set for Monday, July 14th,

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