Carnival Cruise Lines gratuities and smoking policy revised

Carnival Cruise Lines gratuities and smoking policy revised

Carnival Cruise Lines have done two things that could ruffles a few feathers. The first is an increase in gratuities, and the second is that smoking on a balcony will be banned. We can understand the reason for both of these policy changes, but they will not go down well with future passengers.

Updated Carnival Cruise Lines gratuities policy – all sailings departing from October 9th, the price of gratuity will go from $11.50 to $12.00 per day, an increase of 50 cents per passenger. However, if you are already booked on a cruise from this date and have pre-paid your gratuities, then you will not be affected by this price increase.

We should not complain too much, as this is the first increase in 3 years, let’s just hope that it all goes to the crew that do such a great job.

Carnival Cruise Lines smoking policy revised – many cruise ship companies have already revised their smoking policy and so it was only a matter of time before Carnival did.

From October 9th, the same as the new gratuity price increase; smoking on cabin balconies will be prohibited. We know this will get a mixed reaction from people, as passengers who smoke believe that this will make their cruise far less comfortable, but they have to think of the safety aspect, along with those passengers who do not smoke and can often smell it from nearby balconies.

If you do get caught smoking on your balcony, there will be a $250 fee to pay that will go towards cleaning and refreshing the balcony.

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  • Corey

    Cleaning and refreshing an open air balcony, what a joke.

    • Tom

      It is not so much the balcony, but you will smell when you go back into the room and breath the smell of smoke all around the room. You always know when someone smokes, as you can smell it on them really bad and in rooms even a few days after they left.

  • Paula

    Not understanding why they do not ban it from casinos,so hard to gamble when the smoke is unbearable