Titanic 2 pictures with Nigerian debate

Titanic 2 pictures with Nigerian debate

Back in April 2012 outspoken Australian politician and millionaire Clive Palmer announced to the world that he was to start work on a very special project. That project was Titanic 2, and since its announcement there has been a great deal of interest from all over the world.

We are fully aware that people from all walks of life in countries like the US, Middle East, Asia, UK and other parts of the EU have all shown an interest. However, we find it remarkable that the people of Nigeria have asked if the Titanic 2 will sail past a Nigerian port or route.

Having looked on a Nigerian Forum, it shows that there is a great interest from this region, and they have certainly got involved, some of the comments being very serious, while others seem to be amusing.

Titanic 2 grand staircase

We have to warn that many of the comments go way off topic, while others are clearly untruthful, such as one comment saying, “Titanic 2 ticket booked.” Tickets have yet to go on sale, and if and when they do, prices are said to be up to $1 million.

Titanic 2 bridge

Another comment said, “Nigerians will be part of this Titanic 2 Luxury Ride.” What we find so wrong with this comment is the fact that if the ship is actually built it will sail from Southampton to New York just the once, and then head to the UAE where she will then become a floating hotel.

Titanic 2 first class cabin

If this is the case, then in no way would the Titanic 2 cruise ship sail anywhere near Nigeria, which is a shame for the people who would have loved to have seen her.

Titanic 2 first class dining

One would presume most of them already know this, although this isn’t stopping Nigerian’s talking about the ship, its pictures, and of course wanting to be put of Titanic 2.

For those of you who still know little about this ship, then we would like to re-highlight the video below. With all that being said, it is looking less likely that the Titanic 2 ship will ever be completed, as we just cannot see her getting built.

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