P&O Britannia cabin sizes yet to be announced

P&O Britannia cabin sizes yet to be announced

P&O seems to be drip-feeding us details of their upcoming cruise ship Britannia, as they seem to be in no rush offering up more details. The only images we have seen so far are renders, and while they do help to give us an idea of what to expect, it would be really nice to see some real life pictures, or at least a video.

One thing that people ask us all the time is what are the P&O Britannia cabin sizes, and this is a question we are unable to answer seeing as though P&O have yet to announce these details.

We do know that there are several cabin choices; these are single cabins, inside cabins, outside balcony cabins, as well as deluxe ones and finally suites.

Visiting the P&O website they offer details about each of these staterooms, such as what you get in these rooms, we just find it strange how the size of these rooms have yet to be included.

We have even looked through the P&O Cruises brochure that includes Britannia and there is still nothing, and so we will just have to wait and see if they let us know soon.

It is a bit silly to omit such important information, although we suspect rooms will be of a similar size to Azura or Ventura.

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