MSC Opera farewell cruise from Southampton

MSC Opera farewell cruise from Southampton

MSC Opera has now begun her farewell season from the port of Southampton, and so the cruise ship company is doing their best to make certain she is fully booked up. As a way to do this, they have come up with a few ways in which to guarantee you sail on her before she bids farewell to the UK port.

In an effort to get you on the ship, MSC has introduced some amazing offers on the Opera with a choice of 7 departure dates. These will sell out fast, so you had best hurry.

These deals are far better than we have seen from MSC in a while, and so you had best pick up the phone and call 0203 426 3010 or visit or book online.

The next sailing is tomorrow and there is still time for you to sail on her, with prices from as little as £449 per person. There are 6 ports of call in all, which you can read more about here.

From what we can make out there will be no MSC cruises from Southampton in 2015, which is a real shame because it means there will be less choice, so we wonder who will take over their spot next year?

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