No Celebrity Reflection refund for delay, just onboard credit

No Celebrity Reflection refund for delay, just onboard credit

Passengers on board the Celebrity Reflection have received some onboard credit rather than any sort of refund following the recent delay. The ship was forced to stay in port overnight instead of setting sail at 3 pm on Saturday, which also meant she had to miss a port.

Reflection passengers were upset missing a port on their itinerary and no doubt were wondering if Celebrity would contact them about a partial refund, but it seems as though all they have got is some onboard credit.

A Cruise Critic Forum member was not so forthcoming with the amount of credit passengers were given, but seeing as though it has been classed as a goodwill gesture, we don’t expect it to be a substantial amount.

The Celebrity Reflection stopped in Piraeus, Greece this morning, making it her first port of call, which is a long time to wait seeing as though passengers boarded the ship on July 5th, and we can only imagine how happy they were to be getting off the ship.

Celebrity has not given any details as to the reason for the delay, just that there was some sort of mechanical issue. We hope to learn just how much this good-will gesture was and if affected passengers were happy with it.

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  • malibuugirl

    My friends are on this cruise and were absolutely miserable when we met up with them in Athens on the 7th. They hated the ship, the food, everything. For all the money they spent, they should have just flown to Athens, then gone to Santorini, Crete, Naxos and Paros and then gone to Italy for a few days and would most likely been much happier. Greece is best experienced from sunset on, not during the day. Cruises are not the way to enjoy Greece.