Costa Concordia salvage update, Genoa confirmed for dismantling

Costa Concordia salvage update, Genoa for dismantling

The Costa Concordia salvage has been a very slow process since it was removed from the rocks where it ran around. However, we now have a new update on the stricken ship because she will be dismantled in Genoa.

We expect the Costa Concordia dismantling process to begin in late July or early August, as she is set to leave her current resting place at Giglio Island. Once Concordia is transported to Genoa she will be taken apart for recycling.

According to the latest report, the ship is ready to be refloated in a couple of weeks, and soon after that is when the slow transportation of Costa Concordia begins.

The process of moving the ship to her final resting place will take around 5 days, although this is all dependent on weather. It is worth remembering that 32 people were killed in the terrible incident when the Costa Concordia had a hole ripped into her side, and so it will be a very emotional few days for the families once the ship is removed from the site and then stripped to nothing.

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