June and July Danube River cruise itinerary alterations

June and July Danube River cruise itinerary alterations

There is more bad news for those of you who have booked a June or July Danube River cruise because the abnormally low water levels have forced several river cruise operators to alter their itineraries. It’s not just that river, as some Elbe river cruises are also affected.

It was not an easy thing to do because making these changes are very complex, as you change one and this has a knock-on effect with other cruises, hence why June and July will be affected. Thankfully, Cruise Critic has done all of the handwork for you and have listed the entire June and July Danube and Elbe River cruise itinerary alterations.

We are told that around 20 river cruises have now been affected from the likes of Viking Cruises, Scenic Tours, APT Tours, Avalon Waterways, Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection, and finally Riviera Travel.

Some river cruise operators are more affected than others, but you have to admire how they are doing all they can to try and play catch-up and to make certain that they will be able to honor all these pre-booked cruises, even if they might be a little delayed.

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From what we can see many passengers will be moved to other ships that have not be fully sold out, much like we saw in 2011 with a number of River Nile cruises, which we just so happened to be on, and we thought we would share one of the best photos from that cruise.

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