Carnival Vista design and plans remain elusive

Carnival Vista design and plans remain elusive

It’s been almost a year since we first learned of the Carnival Vista, and in that time details of the ship have been a little scarce to say the least. We knew that it was going to be a ship centered on fun and that it will look different to any other ship in the fleet. We also learned that the first steel had been cut in February.

The only other news we have learned is that another ship will follow Vista, or maybe even two. However, what people are really hoping to learn are details of Carnival Vista design and plans, but as you would expect these have remained elusive.

The reason for the interest is because Carnival has said Vista will look very different to anything we have seen from them before, and so it makes us wonder just how different its design can be?

This is also the case with plans because if the look of the ship is different, then so will the Vista deck plans.

However, with there still being 18 months until the new ship enters service, it is highly unlikely that we will be treated to any more details from Carnival any time soon, you only have to look at how secretive P&O were with Britannia.

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