MSC cabin types and butler service goes social

MSC cabin types and butler service goes social

If you have yet to book your 2014 MSC cruise, then the company has taken to its Facebook page to remind us what makes them so special, although we know that they are rather similar to rival cruise ship companies.

MSC has gone all social and said that they have 12 different cabin types, which is impressive when you think about it, 4 different experiences, although they do not elaborate on this and a 24-hour butler service. While these are all good to pick up on, there is no getting away from the fact that the stateroom with the 24-hour butler will not be cheap.

In order to make use of the butler service, you will first need to book one of the MSC Yacht Club suites. This will also come with free internet equipment, although a Wi-Fi fee still applies, Egyptian cotton sheets, towels changed twice per day, marble bathrooms complimentary mini-bar and so much more.

A full list of the cabin types can be found here, although we still fail to understand what those four experiences are. MSC Facebook followers have been commenting on what they think of the cruise line, and it does seem as though they cannot wait to book another cruise with them.

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