P&O Britannia lido deck preview excites passengers

P&O Britannia lido deck preview excites passengers

P&O has been very quiet since ticket sales went live for its upcoming Britannia cruise ship, although we did learn many of the dining options that will be available, as well as the staterooms and P&O Britannia cruise prices. However, since then we have learnt very little, until today.

We have already seen the P&O Britannia deck plans, but not a real picture of the Lido Deck. Thankfully, this has now been corrected because there is now a preview of the P&O Britannia Lido Deck on their official Facebook page.

Even though the Lido Deck has yet to be completed, we get a good idea of its progress, and just how big the outdoor area of Britannia will be. P&O do say that more pictures will follow shortly, but for now it gives future P&O Britannia passengers something to get excited about.

These future passengers have taken to Facebook as they cannot contain their excitement and have been telling us what they will be looking forward to the most, and which Britannia cruise they are booked on.

We have managed to pick out our favorite comment on P&O’s Facebook page, and that is, “Probably the last time you’ll see that deck without paperbacks reserving the empty sun beds!”

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