Celebrity vs. Carnival Caribbean cruises

Celebrity vs. Carnival Caribbean cruises

When booking a Caribbean cruise many of you take into consideration the hurricane season, which is usually from June to November, and so can often become a little unpleasant. While this may not put annual cruisers off, it does put newbies off, and so we would just like to point out that experts forecast a tame 2014 hurricane season.

Celebrity vs. Carnival Caribbean cruises – The Caribbean is a popular destination amongst cruisers and there is a far bigger choice from Carnival, but don’t rule out Celebrity Cruises because they are more luxury and allows you to experience the Caribbean on a whole new level compared to Carnival.

Choosing the best from the two is a very difficult thing to do because it depends what you are looking for, budget vs. style. Ok, so we are not saying there is anything wrong with Carnival because many of their ships are fantastic for the price, but Celebrity does things with a bit more class.

Celebrity Caribbean cruises are a mix of fun and luxury, although there seems to be a greater emphasis on the latter. The dress code on this cruise line can become a little tiresome, especially as you will be hot while in the region. However, that is a small price to pay to see some of the world’s best beaches.

Carnival Caribbean cruises are all about the fun factor and because it is not as luxurious as Celebrity, this is reflected in the price. If you have never cruised before, then you should certainly give Carnival a go, but if you have done so many times before, then maybe it is time to do something a little special and go with Celebrity instead.

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