No delay for Quantum of the Seas cruise ship

No delay for Quantum of the Seas cruise ship

A few days ago it was reported that Anthem of the Seas had suffered a fire while at its shipyard where it is being constructed. However, the news report was wrong, as it was the sister ship Quantum of the Seas that had suffered a fire.

Before you start to worry, there will be no delay to Quantum of the Seas, which will be a huge sigh of relief for those of you booked to go on her maiden voyage. However, this will be a bit of a pain for Royal Caribbean because not only will they have to rush to repair the damage caused, but also spend €50,000 extra in the process.

It is not certain how the fire started, but Cruise Critic has reported that it originated in a cabin on deck 3. The area was evacuated right away so that the fire could be dealt with, and thankfully there were no reports of serious injury, although two people had to be treated for slight smoke poisoning.

Things could have been so much worse for Royal Caribbean, as the fire could have took hold and injured more people, as well as causing far more damage and putting into question if the maiden voyage of Quantum of the Seas would have been delayed.

Speaking of the newest ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet, Kristin Chenoweth has been asked to handle all aspects of the Quantum of the Seas entertainment.

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