Best and worst cruise ship WiFi prices

Best and worst cruise ship WiFi prices

When you are on a cruise ship you have to face facts, and that is that you will be ripped-off if you wish to use the Internet. Cruise ship WiFi prices are so high and often very slow that you often find you are unable to perform the simplest of tasks, such as downloading a huge amount of emails. However, there are some cruise ships that offer faster WiFi speeds than others, as well as far better deals.

Best and worst prices for Wi-Fi on a cruise ship – Most cruise ship Wi-Fi in on a pay-as-you-go basis and therefore will always be more expensive than you are used to paying at home, but that is not saying there are no deals out there.

P&O Cruises Wi-Fi prices vary depending on the bundle you choose, if you spend £10.30 you will get 30 minutes, and for 250 minutes that will cost you £62.50.

Royal Caribbean Wi-Fi prices offer 250 minutes for £59.25, and some of their ships boasts much faster Internet speeds. Celebrity Cruises will give you 208 minutes for £59.25 and 555 minutes for £118.50.

Norwegian Cruise Line has a range of different Wi-Fi bundles, £14.20 will give you 60 minutes, and £59.25 will give you 250 minutes.

However, the best deals has to be Crystal Cruises, as repeat customers will get 60 minutes of free Wi-Fi, although Saga Cruises offers free WiFi in public areas.

These are just some of the best and worst cruise ship WiFi prices, but prices change all the time, and some cruise operators offer deals, so you had best check the website of the cruise ship you are going on.

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