June 2014 cruises from Southampton

June 2014 cruises from Southampton

A huge percentage of cruisers in the UK seem to prefer departing from Southampton because of the many benefits, such as not worrying about baggage allowance, to not having the stress of waiting at an airport for hours, and then when you do finally arrive at your departing port, you don’t have to wait for your baggage to arrive.

However, the only downside we see is that it limits the countries you can visit if you are only on a one or two week cruise. With this in mind, we thought today was an ideal day to point you in the direction of the cruises from Southampton for June 2014.

There are so many cruise ships leaving Southampton in June, which has something to do with gearing up for the busy summer season. Southampton is the perfect gateway for many of the world’s best destination, such as Norway, the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean, Caribbean and so many more.

Many of the big cruise ship companies depart from Southampton on a regular basis, although not Carnival, but all the other big players do.

P&O cruises from Southampton in June – We have already filtered the search criteria for you, and we can see that there are 13 P&O cruises departing from Southampton this month, and it is nice to see that Russia still forms part of the itinerary. Cruises range from 2 nights to 14 nights, and some have a few added extras, such as double onboard credit or other additional extras. View all the P&O cruises for June leaving from Southampton here.

Royal Caribbean cruises from Southampton in June – We are a bit disappointed with Royal Caribbean because we can only seem to find one cruise leaving from Southampton, which is on Independence of the Seas. The ships leaves at the end of the month on her 14-night Spanish Mediterranean Cruise.

Cunard cruises from Southampton in June – If you have the means, then we suggest that you need to do a Cunard cruise at least once in your life. Ok, so we know that these cruises are a little overpriced, but they offer a completely different experience than what you have experienced from other cruise ship companies. There are five Cunard cruises departing from Southampton in June, which range from 4 days to 19 days. You can find all of the details on these sailings by visiting the Cunard website.

MSC cruises from Southampton in June – MSC might not have as many cruises departing from Southampton this month as P&O or Cunard, but the three they have are rather special, one of which takes in some very special destinations, such as Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Netherlands, Russian Federation, and Sweden. More information can be found here.

Celebrity cruises from Southampton in June – Celebrity has two cruises departing from Southampton in June, both of which are for 14 nights. They are very similar cruises, but there are various differences in the ports they visit, and this is reflected in the price. Visit Celebrity Cruises from more information and to book.

There are other cruises from different cruise ship companies departing from Southampton in June, and so we would like to point you in this direction, as there is an extensive list of cruises for this month.

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