Regal Princess inaugural cruise photos, reviews still MIA

Regal Princess inaugural cruise photos, reviews still MIA

The Regal Princess is enjoying her inaugural cruise and if you have plans to go on a future cruise on this new ship, then there are a selection of new photos taken from when this vessel while sailing around the Mediterranean to help get you all excited.

There are numerous photos that show all the key features of the Regal Princess, even of the very popular SeaWalk, which as you know has proved such a hit on the Royal Princess, which entered service last year.

During the summer months she will partake in the Grand Mediterranean cruises, where there are just two itineraries, and in November the Regal Princess will begin her North America itineraries, followed by Eastern Caribbean.

While we may know that the Regal Princess is almost identical to the Royal Princess, we know that Princess Cruises has made a few key changes based on passenger feedback, and so we expect some very different reviews.

Speaking of those Regal Princess reviews, they seem to be MIA at the moment. We know that people have already sailed on her, so where is the review from the passenger perspective?

As for those Regal Princess inaugural cruise photos, you can view all of them HERE.

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