Another disaster for Independence of the Seas

Another disaster for Independence of the Seas

Things seem to be going from bad to worse for Royal Caribbean and its Independence of the Seas cruise ship, as just last week she was sized by Norwegian authorities, as they owed them the equivalent of £60,000 in piloting and security fees dating back from 2013.

We are sure Royal Caribbean wasted no time in paying the fees in order to get their ship released, but it is worth noting that other cruise ship companies owe Norwegian harbours around £ 600,00 – £700,000.

If things were not bad enough for the company and the ship, then surely the news that a boy fighting for his life after being found unconscious at the bottom of one of the pools onboard Independence of the Seas is.

The strange thing is, the pool was crowded at the time, and so we have to wonder how such a thing can happen. The ship’s doctor managed to get his heart started after performing CPR, where he was later flown to hospital.

His condition is described as serious, although there has been no update as to his condition at this very moment.

The Daily Mail tried to contact Royal Caribbean for a statement, but as yet has failed to reply.

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    If the pool is crowded, then it’s very reasonable to imagine how he was so easily missed, if everyone was splashing and playing around.