Carnival to reduce cruise ship pollution, prices unaffected

Carnival to reduce cruise ship pollution, prices unaffected

While it is great to enjoy a cruise, there is always the concern of its impact on the environment, but thankfully, some of the big players have already made a huge difference by installing scrubbers in engine rooms. Norwegian Cruise Line is one, and Carnival is another.

Carnival has already spent a huge sum of money reducing air pollution from its diesel engines, and they have set aside even more money to deploy more scrubbers.

Carnival Cruise Lines is to install these scrubbers on another 32 of its ships in the fleet over the next three years. The project has so far cost them $400 million, so it shows they are committed in meeting Environmental Protection Agency targets.

Many years ago the emissions being pupped into the air from cruise ships has been unregulated, but in 2010 all that changed, which must have something to do with more people now going on cruises.

It is strange how scrubbers have been used in trucks and power plants for years, so how come it has taken so long for this technology to be used on cruise ships, even if cruses were not as popular years ago?

There is always the fear that when a cruise ship company spends a huge sum of money on their fleet that prices will rise, but Carnival has said that prices will be unaffected.

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