2014 Celebrity Cruise sailings with Oz Clarke

2014 Celebrity Cruise sailings with Oz Clarke

Wine critic Oz Clarke is back with Celebrity Cruises by popular demand, and while those of you in the US might not have heard of him, Clarke is one of the most recognized wine critics in the UK. Many people of his profession are a little stuffy, but Oz is straight talking and gets to the point.

There are three 2014 Celebrity Cruises where Oz Clarke will be onboard, which we will get to in a moment. If you share a passion for fine wines, then you will want to book one of these cruises, and why not take advantage of one of the many food or drink packages, as once you have had a chance to speak to Oz, you will be able to try out what you have learned by ordering the correct wine for your meal.

Oz will not be there all the time, and so Celebrity has talented sommeliers to help if you get stuck. With over 350 different vintages, there is enough for every taste.

Like we said above, there are three sailings where Oz Clarke will be onboard. The first is the 11-night France & Iberian Discovery Cruises on the Infinity, which sails on the 8th of September 2014. The other two are 12-night France & Iberian Discovery Cruises which sail on the 19th of September and the 1st of October, again on the Infinity.

For more details head to Celebrity Cruises UK.

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