Titanic 2 ship news reignited in Asia

Titanic 2 jobs to land on Blue Star

To say news about the Titanic 2 ship went stale might be an understatement, but then some of us didn’t expect news often thanks to the cruise ship not planned to hit water for a while yet.

Over the past few days a number of stories appeared to reignite Titanic 2 ship news, although they all source back to the same press release out of Shanghai. In a nutshell, the news basically explained that Clive Palmer’s plan for a Titanic 2 ship is still in motion. They have been setback by 2 years, and this means “Titanic II” will launch from its construction base in 2018, which is located in China, before undertaking the famous journey from Southampton to New York.

Currently, Palmer’s focus is on getting the “project master plan” and evaluation completed, which will allow for further details to be released to the press. This phase follows the completion of the “first project development phase”. The Titanic 2 steel cutting is yet to start, so this alone is one reason why the launch will be in 2018.

Also, in the past week news broke about a Memorandum of Understanding being signed between AVIC and Blue Star Line. The two will work on the Titanic 2 ship promotion together, and AVIC will aim to gain sponsors within the mainland China region. Palmer said, “AVIC will assist in promoting” the Titanic 2 ship and will help with “shortlisting sponsors” in China.

This will be a good opportunity for the project to gain attention in the Asia region, and of course also a great chance for China to showcase its industries and products to the world.

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